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Apple iPhone Developer

Established in 1995, TouchSoft developed a reputation for producing effective interactive multimedia communications tools for industry worldwide. Utilising the latest software authoring tools at that time TouchSoft acquired a comprehensive network of media production professionals to build content that meet the marketing objectives of our clients.

The company released its first home automation product in 2002. While it was highly functional and very price competitive against systems of similar capabilities, for a range of reasons it is mostly suited to budgets at the mid to high end of the market the system is set the benchmark for touch screen home automation. This system has been installed in many homes throughout Australia.

Recently the company recognised the value of the iPhone and the uptake in the world market. Australia in particular has more than any other nation adopted the iPhone as their main device for mobile communications. Clearly the app store enhances the functionality of the device and extends beyond games with business to business applications becoming more common.

In 2009 TouchSoft launched on the Apple iTunes store a iPhone/iPod Touch native application to control Clipsal C-Bus.  Clipsal C-Bus automation is available in many locations throughout the world. Home owners from Russia, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, Kuwait, Sri Lanka and Australia have purchased the app and are controlling their homes wirelessly.

TouchSoft will launch in December 2009 itakeaway. A Unique interactive interface simplifies the process of ordering food. Takeway food venues and restaurants can increase their revenue and expand their takeaway sales by deploying itakeaway from TouchSoft.